Sunshine State Bail Bonds


Bail Bonds are usually more affordable because instead of paying for the full bail amount, you would pay the bail premium. The bail premium is the percentage of the total bail amount. The percentage for State Bonds are 10% and Federal Bonds are 15%. Unsure of how much your bail premium is? Simply multiply the total bail amount by 10% or 15% depending on the type of Bond. This fee will cover the bail agent’s services. Our services include getting your loved one out ASAP, managing the defendant, and make sure he or she shows up to all required court appearances.

Payment Methods


Sunshine State Bail Bonds provides a simple and safe payment processing method online. We utilize a third party application called SSL certificate to ensure your information is safe. 


Over the phone

We are available 24/7. Simply call 305-325-8555 to make a payment. 

At the Office

We have many locations throughout Florida. Feel free to visit any of our locations to make payments or process documents.